Getting Started with Adtoniq

Here are the steps to get going with Adtoniq:

  1. Ensure you meet the Adtoniq Partner Requirements.
  2. Install the Adtoniq plugin and sign up for an Adtoniq Cloud account.
  3. Add Adtoniq to your ads.txt file.
  4. Provide Adtoniq with either a US Bank Account or PayPal account in which to deposit your ad revenue. More information coming soon.
  5. Authorize each website you wish to use.
  6. Wait to be approved by Adtoniq as an Adtoniq partner. Usually this takes about an hour during PST business hours, but can take up to 24-hours in some cases. Adtoniq will email you as needed.
  7. Approve the preview version of your site, including content specifically designed for your ad blocked audience. Before going live, you get a chance to review how Adtoniq will affect the user experience for your ad blocked users. Adtoniq does not change anything for your non-blocked users. If something doesn’t look right, let Adtoniq know and we’ll do our best to fix it.
  8. Once you go live, Adtoniq will pay you monthly. You must exceed $150 in accrued ad revenue before Adtoniq can pay you.

If you are using Adtoniq Pro you also have access to Adtoniq’s professional features as described here:

  1. Set up messaging and content protection.
  2. Restore Google Analytics using your own account.
  3. Restore AdSense using your own Google account.