You need your own AdSense account to use Adtoniq for AdSense. If you do not have an AdSense account, you’ll need to sign up to get one and get your site approved.

Contact Adtoniq to enable AdSense for your account

If you are new to the Adtoniq for AdSense closed beta test, you will need to contact Adtoniq at to enable this feature on the account you registered with Adtoniq Cloud. You will not be able to use this feature unless this has been enabled for your Adtoniq Cloud account. If you already have a website using Adtoniq for AdSense, you can skip this step.

Create the page for Why am I seeing ads?

Above every ad that Adtoniq places on your site for ad blocked users, you will see a small A icon, as you can see in the AdSense ad below if you use an ad blocker on this page.

If you hover your mouse over the A you will see text fold out saying “Why am I seeing this ad?” If you click or tap it on mobile, your users will be taken to a page that explains why they are seeing ads, and which gives them a chance to opt out of seeing advertising. You will need to create this page on your site so that users can opt out of seeing advertising. The page must have the exact page slug why-am-i-seeing-ads, otherwise Adtoniq will not be able to find it. You can copy / paste the text from our own page on this site to give you a start.

Copy / paste AdSense publisher Id
  1. Sign in to your Google AdSense account.
  2. Click on Account.
  3. Click on Account Information.
  4. Look for your Publisher ID on the top of the page and copy it with your browser. It should look something like this: pub- 1234567890123456.
  5. Sign in to your WordPress server as an admin and click on the Adtoniq gear icon to visit the Adtoniq admin page.
  6. Paste your AdSense Publisher ID into the indicated field.
Create new ad unit in AdSense and copy / paste code snippet
  1. Switch back to your Google AdSense account.
  2. Click on My Ads.
  3. Click on Ad units.
  4. Click the New ad unit button.
  5. Create one of the ad unit types – text & display ads generally work the best in most situations.
  6. Name your ad unit, set additional ad unit options, and click Save and get code.
  7. Copy the ad code with your browser.
  8. Switch back to Adtoniq on your WordPress server.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the AdSense tab, and paste the ad unit code snippet into the indicated field.


Create automated ad unit revenue report for Adtoniq

The AdSense report you create here shows exactly how much revenue you are making from Adtoniq. Because Adtoniq uses a dedicated ad unit for blocked users, all the revenue generated by that ad unit is generated by Adtoniq. Here’s how to create the report.

  1. Switch to your Google AdSense account.
  2. Click Advanced Reports.
  3. Click Entire account by month.
  4. Set the date range for your report to This month.
  5. Click the Report type > Months menu and choose Inventory -> Ad units.
  6. Towards the bottom of the page, check the ad unit you created for Adtoniq and click the Filter button.
  7. Click Add to my reports.
  8. Give your report a name, like Monthly Adtoniq Ad Unit Report.
  9. Click the checkbox for Run report automatically.
  10. Set the report to run weekly for the last month.
  11. Share the report with your own email address.
  12. To get help from Adtoniq support staff on increasing your ad revenue, enter a comma and then enter so that Adtoniq can help you monitor and increase your ad revenue. Adtoniq will only see the information for your new Adtoniq ad unit and not any other ad units, and will keep this information strictly confidential. Our support staff will contact you as needed with tips to increase your ad revenue.
CSS Selector

If you are already using Google’s AdSense code snippets directly on your site, Adtoniq can automatically find the ad units on your page. To find out if you have AdSense ad units on your site, enter a page from your site below and click the Check site button.

If you see 0 AdSense ad units on your site, you will need to teach Adtoniq where your ad units are located. You accomplish this by entering the CSS Selector into Adtoniq that finds your ad units. For example, if you have the following code on your site:

<div id="big-leader"/></div/>

Then you would use this CSS Selector:


Adtoniq can easily help you determine the best CSS Selector for your site. Contact Adtoniq at for help.

Maximum Ad Units

Specify the maximum number of AdSense ad units that Adtoniq should display per page. This affects ad blocked users only. The maximum value is 6 per page.

Enable adblock bypass

This switch enables the Adtoniq for AdSense feature. You must turn this on.

Click Save Changes

When you are all done entering the information into Adtoniq, click the Save Changes button.