Adtoniq Analytics

Below you can see the actual, live Adtoniq analytics for a fictitious  website called  This web site generates about 100 million monthly simulated page views in real time, using a random number algorithm that simulates a realistic website. If you look at the numbers for the Last 30 Minutes, you will see the numbers update in real time every few seconds. The website has about a 24% ad block rate.

Viewing Adtoniq Analytics

You can view your Adtoniq analytics in two places:

  • On the Adtoniq Analytics tab of the Adtoniq WordPress plugin
  • By signing in to Adtoniq Cloud at, selecting your website, and clicking the Analytics button.
Testing if your website is connected to Adtoniq Cloud

If you see more than 0 page views in the real time view on the top right of your Adtoniq Analytics, then your web site is properly connected to Adtoniq Cloud. If you are running Adtoniq on a test site or a site that otherwise does not get page views, you will need to manually generate page views on your website to see the numbers move. You can generate those page views both with and without an ad blocker, to test how well Adtoniq detects various ad blockers on your site.

Estimating blocked revenue

Adtoniq can estimate how much revenue you are losing due to ad blockers if you enter your average page RPM. If you are only using AdSense, you can find your Page RPM on the Home page of your Google AdSense account.  If you are using Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP), you would use your average eCPM which you can find in Reports -> Yield Report -> Avg eCPM.

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