Adtoniq Partner Requirements

To use Adtoniq, you must be approved by Adtoniq as an advertising partner. Once you are approved, you can use Adtoniq’s proprietary one-click consent-based technology on your websites to show ads to your ad blocked users, generating significantly higher revenue for you than competing solutions.

To get going with Adtoniq, you must:

  1. Have one or more WordPress websites, version 4.6 or later.
  2. Already be using advertising of some kind on your website. It doesn’t matter what kind of advertising you have. This is where Adtoniq will place your ads for blocked users.
  3. Comply with all Google AdSense program policies, as described here.
  4. Install the Adtoniq plugin on your site.
  5. Add Adtoniq to your ads.txt file.
  6. Register for Adtoniq Cloud, and then authorize one or more websites using Adtoniq Cloud keys.
  7. Be a U.S. based business because Adtoniq is not (yet) GDPR compliant. The ads served by Adtoniq are GDPR compliant, but the services used by Adtoniq partners to set up Adtoniq are not yet GDPR compliant.
  8. Give either PayPal or U.S. bank account information to Adtoniq so you can receive monthly payments.