Authorizing a website and getting a Cloud Key

After you install the plugin and register for Adtoniq Cloud, it should take you a few minutes to authorize your first website to get your cloud key, and then paste that into your Adtoniq plug page. Then you have full access to all Adtoniq Cloud services. You can authorize any number of websites, and each website has its own unique cloud key.

Sign in to Adtoniq Cloud
  1. Visit and click the SIGN IN button on the top right of the page
  2. Enter the email address and password you entered when registering and click SIGN IN.
  3. You get a one month free trial to make full use of all of Adtoniq’s features on any number of websites. At the top of the page, you’ll see when your trial ends, and how much your charges would be if you were paying.
Authorize your websites

When you authorize a website, you get an Adtoniq Cloud key to paste into your Adtoniq plugin on your WordPress server.

  1. Enter the fully qualified domain name of the website to authorize, for example
  2. Enter an optional description of your website – this is for your information only.
  3. Click the Authorize new website button.
  4. You will immediately see the new cloud key for your website.
  5. Authorize however many additional websites you’d like.
Enter cloud key into Adtoniq

To connect your WordPress server to Adtoniq services, you will need to copy and paste your new Adtoniq cloud key from Adtoniq Cloud, into your WordPress server.

  1. Inside Adtoniq Cloud, click on the cloud key you created, and use your browser to copy the key.
  2. Switch over to your WordPress server, open the Adtoniq page, scroll to the bottom and find the API Key tab, paste your Adtoniq Cloud key where requested, and click Save changes.
  3. Wait a few seconds for the page to refresh, and then you will see your real time ad block analytics.
Verify Adtoniq is working – Real time ad block analytics

A quick way to verify that Adtoniq is working, is to view your real time ad block analytics. If you see page views there as users visit your site, your server is connected to Adtoniq Cloud and is working properly.

Adtoniq Analytics shows information about page views on your site. As users visit your site, you can see a rolling 30-minute, real time view of the number of page views with an ad blocker, and those without an ad blocker. You can also view information about the last 30 days of ad block status as well. If you enter your average page RPM, Adtoniq will calculate your estimated losses due to ad blockers. Learn more about Adtoniq Analytics.

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