Content Protection

You can optionally use content protection to increase the number of people who opt in to seeing your ads. By default, none of your content is blocked. Your other options are to block all pages but your home page, or to block your entire site. Read more about Adtoniq content protection here.

Enabling content protection

Click on the Protection tab in the Adtoniq plugin to set your site protection status.

Sending adblocked users to the lock out page

If you lock ad blocked users out of your site, you must create a new page to send them to. This page should explain that they should disable their ad blocker to get in to your site, or see more than your home page. See this website for an example of a site that blocks ad blocked users from the whole site.

Advanced content protection with shortcodes

You can do advanced content protection using Adtoniq shortcodes. See our documentation on shortcodes, and this example for a site that uses shortcodes for advanced content protection.


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